Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank You Spell-Check

Today is the first official day of Christmas break. However exciting as that may be, I'm not thinking about Christmas right now. I'm not wondering when I will actually kick myself out of the house and finally purchase some cheaply priced gifts for my family, otherwise known as Christmas shopping. I'm not considering watching my seventeenth Christmas movie of the season. I'm not even worrying about sending cards to distant friends. No, today I've set my mind on greater things ... like where the world would be without spell-check.

Honestly, have you ever considered the catastrophes that would ensue if authors, journalists, historians, lawyers, insurance agents, politicians, and others were at the mercy of documents that had not been spell-checked? Fights would erupt, families would break apart, and the press would have a field-day full of grammatical errors. Stephenie Meyer would ask for her royalties and get a prophet, Christians would hate satin, daffodils would be arrested and their pistols confiscated, and the president wouldn't be allowed to except bribes.

Okay, so maybe mass hysteria is a bit of an extreme prediction, but the world is - nonetheless - safer with the existence of such an engine. So be thankful for spell-check, helping worthless spellers like me succeed since 1992.

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