Monday, December 6, 2010

Imagining Snow

I've long given up the dream of having a white Christmas in South Carolina. While it does snow here sometimes during the later winter months, December sees little of the fluffy stuff.

Coming out of Harris Teeter a few evenings ago, as a light rain misted the chilly air, I looked into the glowing lamp posts over the parking lot and imagined that the glinting water falling down was actually snow. The cold rain gave my cheeks a slight sting, and the way the lights reflected made the droplets look like tiny glowing snowflakes.

I felt warmed through, except my chilled nose, of course. Ah, snow for the season, even if only imaginary.


  1. :(
    This makes me sad. Snow is amazing. I'm glad you felt like you had some for a moment. Someone told me it snowed in charlotte. Well, I will pray that you get some snow where you live. :) And merry early Christmas!!!

  2. What a gorgeous picture of the pond Savold:)
    I love that you're here near to us guys are the snowflakes in December
    for me!
    Hoping for some happy, snowy surprises
    this year.......just for you.

  3. I'm sorry Cora- I didn't mean for it to be sad - I really don't mind not having snow, though it would be lovely. ;)
    Oh thank you Jennifer! X) I like being near to you too!