Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Puzzle

The first day of school ushers in a whole plethora of firsts:

The first homework assignment of the year, the first new face you discover in the class, the first freshly baked chocolate chip cookies you've eaten in quite a long time.

But even as the new year begins, or what feels like the beginning of the year to me much more than January 1st ever has, I remember things left undone in the previous year. There's a puzzle sitting on a table that is still one-third incomplete. Pieces lie around it, hoping to soon be placed.

I wonder what else I've left undone. The feelings and ideas, the problems and their solutions, what has followed me here?

But I'm not worried by the puzzles left undone. They too, will find their place in the new year, in this interesting season, this young music singing. Echoes of the past will add character to my path, perhaps more rough patches than I'd like, but they won't hold me down, won't keep me tied to yesterday.

It's a puzzling thought I know, but I rather indulge in thinking it. My puzzle is yet undone, and the growing picture is dazzling.

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